2017 National Hemp Crop Report and National Organizations that SCHFA support

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Many companies and organizations are working on the national level to assist in legislation on the state and federal level. The most effective of these organizations is Vote Hemp. Vote Hemp has been working with hemp legislation since 2000 and they are a national, single issure, non-profit organization dedicated to the acceptance of the free market of industrial hemp and to change current laws to allow US farmers to once again grow industrial hemp. Their ultimate goal is to have hemp grown on a commercial scale and allow the crop to be processed in the US once again. Vote Hemp also works to defend against any new laws, regulations or policies that would prohibit or restrict hemp commerce or imports. Since 2002, Vote hemp has been releasing a crop report to show the realistic and actual market for hemp goods and products in the US. This report has been used to show the grown in the industry in dollars as well as a visual representation of how the industry is growing in reference to what states are working on industrial hemp legislation as we as states that have passed comprehensive legislation and are practicing cultivation as part of federally compliant hemp pilot programs. In 2017, Vote Hemp calculated that 19 states grew industrial hemp and they grew 23,343 acres of hemp, that was more than double the year before. State licenses were issued to 1,424 farmers and 32 universities conducted research on the crop. Vote Hemp calculated that the industry had grown to $688 million in 2016 and the numbers are still coming in for an accurate assessment of the 2017 crop. To read the full Vote Hemp crop report press release please visit:

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