During the first official board meeting for South Carolina Hemp Farmers Association, many items were put up for discussion, including electing the Chairman of the board, electing the Executive director of the association, nominating a new board member, as well as discussing the bylaws and establishing a legislative direction that the association will follow. Wesley Bryant was nominated and confirmed to take the position as Chairman of the Board and Lucas Snyder was nominated and confirmed to take the position of Executive Director for the association. On the conversation of the ByLaws, the members of the board confirmed three points – 1) SCHFA will protect all South Carolina farmers that want to grow hemp and ensure the expansion of the pilot program in the best interest of those farmers 2) SCHFA will create a marketplace for hemp to include grain, fiber, and CBD throughout the state 3) SCHFA in order to create a proper marketplace, will strive to make sure hemp is treated like any other commodity crop in the state of South Carolina. Parker Poe lobbying firm has been retained in order to push legislation through and the ongoing need to protect the hemp bill in the state. Parker Poe was the lobbying firm retained in 2017 to push the hemp bill past the finish line to create the the pilot program that we currently have. SCHFA is planning to set up 1-2 educational conferences per year in the off season to create a marketplace for the hemp industry in the state. Three motions were brought up and voted on during the meeting. 1) 1 vote per member per year, 2) Members have the ability to elect board members and all members who have purchased the Gold membership are allowed to vote in the process. 3) To be allowed a position on the board, member needs to be a member of South Carolina Hemp Farmers Association and the term for the initial board members in the first calendar year of the association is a five year term but after the first calendar year term for all additional board members will be three years. SCHFA will have up to 9 board positions. The number of board positions can be expanded by 2/3 vote in the case that the board needs to be expanded to meet future representation. The board determines when it is time to elect a new member to the board and will send out notifications to voting members, with the voting members having the ability to nominate other voting members to become future board members who will then be confirmed by a majority vote of all voting members and the board. Any sitting board can expand the number of board members when the board believes that it has enough voting members to expand the board.

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