Potential Opportunities for SC Economic Growth Around Hemp

With a new crop coming to South Carolina, this brings new opportunities for crop diversity among farmers, but most importantly, this brings a revised potential for large established manufacturing companies to relocate and set up shop in South Carolina. Many companies in the state can almost immediately take advantage of this raw material, whether it be a rebirth of textile industries, using hemp fiber for insulation and plant matting, using hemp hurds in the equine industry for shavings and even hempcrete, a green concrete alternative. Bio fuels and green energy are also an industrial possibility, one such industry is already set up in the low country of South Carolina.

Many established industries such as automotive and aerospace are already using hemp fiber in their composite materials in their products. Many new automotive companies are in the process of building new facilities in South Carolina so the potential for market growth can be expected.

South Carolina also presents an interesting opportunity because of the inner-connectivity of rails throughout the state this will allow farmers to cheaply and efficiently ship raw materials from the farm to as well as the port in Charleston which will allow farmers and industries to quickly and effectively get their products and materials to the global market. With new industry possible, the likely hood that new jobs will be developed in rural farming communities is great. This crop also has the potential to recreate localized economies and allow more money to stay in the pockets of farmers and communities alike.

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